The Richard W. Smith Lecture Series

September 23, 2009

Dave Cullen

The Murders at Columbine High School:
How Our Culture Misunderstood What Happened

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Dave Cullen
Author of "Columbine"


"Dave Cullen is the Dante of this high school hell. I came away from it thinking of Jack Nicholson hollering 'You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!' Read this quietly powerful account of Columbine and find out if you can."

Ron Rosenbaum, author of Explaining Hitler and The Shakespeare Wars

From the Book Jacket:

In the tradition of Helter Skelter and In Cold Blood, Columbine is destined to be a classic.

 A close-up portrait of violence, a community rendered helpless, and police blunders and cover-ups, it is a compelling and utterly human portrait of two killers-an unforgettable cautionary tale for our time.


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